Starke Stücke experts 2016, photo: Fiona Louis
Starke Stücke experts 2016, photo: Katrin Schander
Starke Stücke experts 2017, photo: Kultur123 Rüsselsheim
Starke Stücke experts 2016, photo: Amelie Vogel
Starke Stücke experts 2016, photo: Katrin Schander
Starke Stücke experts, photo: Kultur123 Rüsselsheim

"Starke Stücke" Experts

38 children and teens from Frankfurt, Rüsselheim and Bad Homburg will participate in the festival as “Starke Stücke” experts. In four groups, they are preparing themselves intensively since September/October 2017 for the festival in March 2018, aiming to explore theatre in all its myriad facets and to find out for themselves what a “strong piece of theatre” really is.

During the festival, the “Starke Stücke” experts will be present at various venues and events. At shows and post-performance talks, as advisors for groups and spectators visiting the festival, as well as at various other occasions, they will actively contribute to the festival, by providing a special perspective on the “Starke Stücke” – their own points of view as 10-16 year old observers.

The groups engage in parallel preparations and occasionally come together for joint projects.

Starke Stücke Experts 2017/2018:

Group 1 (IGS Herder Frankfurt): Anna-Domenica, Camilla, Ella, Emil, Jasmeet, Katja, Leni, Soraya, Theo
Project Leader: Arnika Senft

Group 2 (IGS Herder Frankfurt): Anna, Ana-Maria, Annouk, Emily, Komal, Marium, Johanna, Sarah, Yusra
Project Leaders: Fiona Louis, Christine Philip

Group 3 (E-Werk Bad Homburg): Amelie, Denis, Luna, Louise, Nora, Luis, Hannah, Katharina, Sheraz, Haris, Diana, Julia, Yifan
Project Leaders: Nikolas Hamm, Silke Kutscher

Group 4 (Theater Rüsselsheim): Anca, Ceyda, Imane, Jaouad, Jibran, Lukas, Marie, Melissa, Rafail, Soufiane, Tatjana, Valentinos, Vasiliki
Project Leaders: Heike Meyer-Netscher, Milena Franta

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