"The rest of the world (and beyond)" - Atelier IV, photo: Marina Andrée
Nuclear physicist Prof. Dr. Dörner visiting the atelier, photo: Marina Andrée
"The rest of the world (and beyond)" - Atelier IV, photo: Marina Andrée

The rest of the world (and beyond)

ATELIER IV „Time and space“
Judith Nab at Primary school Süd-West Eschborn

From the smallest to the biggest
in collaboration with "Starke Stücke"-Festival

Judith Nab invites children and scientists to her studio so they can philosophize and fantasize with her on the small and large parts of our world (and more). After the first three studios in the Netherlands and Switzerland, in February 2014 the fourth workshop was held in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region as part of the festival “Starke Stücke”. For four days, 16 children from the primary school Süd-West in Eschborn near Frankfurt explored the topic “time and space” and the largest and smallest part(icles) in our world.

Inspired by the film “Powers of Ten”, they began with their own houses and moved further and further away. They moved towards the universe and discovered the endless expanses of our world. What do we see when we distance ourselves from our own living space and delve into a much larger or smaller space? What does time feel like? The visit by nuclear physicist Prof. Dr. Dörner half-way through the project injected additional inspiration to the children’s researching. The professor at the Institute for Nuclear Physics at Frankfurt University answered the children’s questions on “the tiniest particles”.

The kids explored the topic in an artistic, experimental and philosophical manner and captured their ideas and questions in drawings, tests and recordings.

Following the third workshop during the Blickfeld Festival 2013 in Zurich the book “My house, the rest of the world (and beyond)” was published. It summarizes the outcome of the various workshops.

The presentation of the project and the book took place on Thursday, March 27th, 2014 at Theaterhaus Frankfurt.

Participants: Dzeila, Arthur, Annika, Annika, Ayris, Rüyai, Nikola, Myung Hun, Ben, Clara, Ylka, Stefan, Bryan, Alexander, Samantha and Ina

Team: Judith Nab (artist), Santo Pedilarco (drama educator) and Andrea Diefenhardt (teacher, primary school Süd-West Eschborn)

Assistance: Marina Andrée

Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Dörner (Institute of nuclear physics at Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt), primary school Süd-West Eschborn and the city of Eschborn.

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