Der Wolf und die sieben Geißlein

(The wolf and the seven little kids)

The most famous hide-and-seek story in literary history

Two actors tell the well-known tale in a light-hearted and funny way with a delicious sense of anarchy. The single mother goat has to go shopping and back to the hairdresser’s again. Before she leaves she warns her seven kids about the big bad wolf. But the lonely rogue disguises himself and eats up all the kids. All the kids? No, not all! Help is coming …
The story is told in a refreshing new way with wondrous flat figures, stages painted on fabric hung on a washing line, and a wolf with long underwear and a three-day beard. A tale with big feelings, really good hiding places and fervent singing.

Cie. FREAKS UND FREMDE also perform Der Traumschlüssel (The Dream Key):
A theatre experience with images by René Magritte on the threshold between puppet theatre, dance and visual arts.
approx. 50 min.
Tue. March 13, 11.00 a.m. + 4.00 p.m. Bürgerhaus Sprendlingen, Dreieich

Idea and play: Hanno Wuckasch and Heiki Ikkola
Bärbel Haage
Song texts:
Inka Arlt

SUN 11th MARCH 2012 15.00
Theater Alte Mühle, Bad Vilbel

MON 12th MARCH 2012 10.30
Pestalozzischule Bornheim, Frankfurt

MON 12th MARCH 2012 15.00
Ev. Cyriakusgemeinde Rödelheim, Frankfurt

WED 14th MARCH 2012 10.30 + 15.30
E-Werk, Bad Homburg

Age 4+

Duration approx. 45 min.