There is no formal procedure for applying to contribute to the Starke Stücke festival and we cannot guarantee to consider each application. But you can send us the information about especially strong theatre performances for young audience that you may recommend.
Please send us information about the play, the technical specifications and a DVD or video link, if available.
Applications may be sent to the festival office:

KulturRegion Frankfurt RheinMain gGmbH
Festivalbüro Starke Stücke
Nadja Blickle
Poststraße 16
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Telefon: +49 (0) 69 / 25 77 17 60
E-Mail: or

The next editions of Starke Stücke will be:
"Starke Stücke" 2021: 2. - 14. July
"Starke Stücke" 2022
: 24 March - 4 April