SpielRäume - eine theatrale Hausbesetzung

A new municipal theatre for children and young audiences is to be built in the Zoogesellschaftshaus Frankfurt am Main! After an architectural competition was announced in 2021 by the city of Frankfurt, the architectural firm Ortner&Ortner Baukunst was most convincing with its design vision for this future theatre.

But what does the Zoogesellschaftshaus look like before the new theatre moves in? What special features does the location bring with it, what rooms are there to explore, how does the house sound and smell from the outside and from the inside?

In a new outreach project, precisely these and more research questions were asked. In various workshops, the participants playfully explored the - not only architectural - features of the Zoogesellschaftshaus. They questioned the structure and condition of the rooms, questioned their functionality, got to the bottom of their stories. They explored the 'as-is' state in order to create their own vision of the 'to-be' state in an artistic way. Because an important question in designing a new theatre is always how the young target group actually imagines the place planned for them and what creative contributions they would like to make to the vision of the new theatre for young audiences in Frankfurt am Main.

The project took place in three rounds with young people from the Carl-Schurz-Schule, the IGS Herder and the Gymnasium am Riedberg in Frankfurt am Main and, as a pilot project, offered the opportunity to relate their own experiences to architectural planning in a theatre context and to question them anew.

The project was presented under the title "Stimmenlabor" on 25th March 2022 as part of the 28th "Starke Stücke"-Festival and invited visitors and architects to engage with the creative and practical wishes and proposals of the young audiences.

Anna Hasche (2021), Manuela Pirozzi, Daria Schirmer, Paola Wechs

In cooperation with:
Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main