Festivalproject "Mein Platz - Dein Platz", photo: Tracey Grey
Festivalproject "Mein Platz - Dein Platz", photo: Tracey Grey

My place-your place

Together with the artistic & pedagogic team Marlis Hirche, Oliver Dassing and Tracey Grey, pupils at the Edith Stein-Schule Offenbach engage in a theatre project week of discovery, fantasy and performance. Where is my best place? What color is it and how does it sound? How do I find my place? Is this place right for me? Do I need to make space? A medley of short scenes will tell stories of the search for one’s own personal place.


Presentation: Fr, March 9th, 4pm, KJK-Sandgasse, Offenbach a. M.

Performer: Anastasia, Ayoub, Blessing, Efe, Ifi, Kevin, Muhammed, Patryk, Sara, Selina, Yasin, Youssef

Project Directors: Oliver Dassing & Marlis Hirche (Die Pyromantiker, Berlin), Tracey Grey („Starke Stücke“-Workshop-Team)

Project Partners: Jugendkulturbüro Offenbach KJK Sandgasse, Edith-Stein-Schule, Offenbach a. M.