Next Generation 2017 Club of Emoticons, Photo: Katrin Schander
Next Generation 2017 Finale, Photo: Katrin Schander
Next Generation 2017 Rooms, Photo: Katrin Schander
Next Generation 2017 Übungsspiel, Photo: Katrin Schander
Next Generation 2017 Playground, Photo: Katrin Schander
Next Generation 2017 Imbalance, Photo: Katrin Schander
Next Generation 2016 with Farrés brothers i cia ("Tripula"), photo: Amelie Vogel
Next Generation 2017 Finale, Photo: Katrin Schander
Next Generation 2017 Club of Emoticons, Photo: Katrin Schander

Next Generation Workspace

next generation workspace – international research residency

In cooperation with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and Theaterhaus Frankfurt, the children’s theatre festival “Starke Stücke” is offering an international residency in three phases in the field of theatre for young audiences. Twelve international theatre makers, independent artists from the region as well as students of the Hessian Theatre Academy (HTA) interested in working in this field are invited to attend the festival “Starke Stücke”. During their stay, the group will visit shows, meet artists and colleagues and develop initial ideas for project proposals of their own, which they continued to work on at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm during the next residency phase in summer. These projects will be further developed in a third residency phase and then finally presented to the public at the next “Starke Stücke” festival.

Tryouts next generation workspace 2017/18

Soon there will be more information about the projects by the young artists of next generation workspace 2017/18 which are going to be shown during "Starke Stücke" 2018.

Please contact Liljan Halfen for further information:

next generation workspace 2017/18

A nex generation of artists was present during last year's festival in March 2017 and is now researching about dance and theatre for a young audiences. Right now the residency group is working on their own projects, which were developed during the first two phases of the residency. They will show their first results - Try-outs - from now on until the next festival starts. News regarding the projects you will get on this website, on the websites of Mousonturm andTheaterhaus, as well as on Facebook. If you wish to be registered to be part of the test audience for the Try-outs at "Starke Stücke"-Festival 2018, please write to

Participants: Lana Corporda (NL), Mara Gange (LV), Rana Ghaderi (IR), Maude Haddon (GB), Ossian Hain (D), Meike Hedderich (D), Anne Kaspner (D), Monika Kosik (D), Anne Mahlow (D), Ksenia Ravivva (D), Arthur Romanovski (D), Mthokozisi Zulu (ZA)

For more information, please contact Liljan Halfen (

next generation workspace 2016/17

A new generation of artists are producing dance, theatre and performance for a new generation of spectators. 12 international theatre makers are proposing new challenging forms of theatre for young audiences and invited interested people of all ages to rehearsals and presentations in an open research lab – children, teens and adults, whether alone, with friends or as families joint them as dedicated audience members from 20 February to 10 March.

Participants of the next generation workspace 2016/2017: Joshua Ademola Alabi, Gesa Bering, Wicki Bernhardt, Liljan Halfen, Annika Keidel, Janna Athena Pinsker, Ana Popovic, Christina Rauchbauer, Katharina Speckmann, Mari-Liis Tigasson, Milena Wichert, Ines Wuttke, Annasara Yderstedt Mentors: Philipp Karau, Marcus Dross

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