About us

Watching, acting, exploring, creating

Our workshops for schools and kindergarten classes allow children and teens to approach the piece that they will be seeing through the lens of artistic research: What will it be about? What happens on stage? What does this have to do with me? How could it be done differently? Supported by the "Starke Stücke" workshop team, you can try out your own ideas and provide your own answers in playful ways.

The "Starke Stücke" workshop programme is a theatre education programme for children and young people between the age of 4 and 18. During the festival and throughout the year, participants attending the workshops and projects will learn about many different elements of dance, theatre, performance, music and visual arts. All workshops are inclusive and provide playful approaches. Active participation and contribution promotes the development of social skills and allows for sustainable experiences.

Marielle Amsbeck, Katrin Bremer, Verena Gerlach, Tracey Grey, Nikolas Hamm, Stefanie Kaufmann, Björn Lehn, Fiona Louis, Kathrin Marder, Heike Mayer-Netscher, Carola Moritz, Santo Pedilarco, Ingrid Pickel, Manuela Pirozzi, Friederike Schreiber, Kai Schuber-Seel, Katrin Schyns, Arnika Senft, Bernhard Staudt, Mirjam Tertilt, Lenka Wolf, Jana Varhalikova